Every snapshot is an enigma, the capture of an instant that remains frozen in time. Soft Creations Team is highly dedicated and creative to build the story with frames and capture the quality and richness of your product and image Every photograph is an enigma. A moment locked into a rectangle. We will never know what happened just before it was taken, or just next to it. What had to be moved, adjusted, waited for or provoked for all the elements to suddenly come together in the frame and produce an image that once seen, is never forgotten? Compared to painting, the rules of the photography game are incredibly simple, requiring nothing more than a few pieces in a minimalist game of chess - a subject, a frame, light, a lens, a shutter, and a base. The importance of these pieces varies according to their position, and they are moved around permanently in relation to each other. The collection invites viewers to discover from the inside "how it's done", and imagine themselves as actors in the complex game that is played out between photography and the real.

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